Professional Roofing

What We do

We are Roofing Construction which is different than just “a roofer” because we are both carpenters and roofing experts. We take a holistic approach to roofing by: performing hands-on inspections and taking photos of the actual condition of the roof, then giving our customers an in-person, one-on-one consultation thereby educating them as to what is needed to bring their roof system up to modern standards.

What We Offer

We offer financing both traditional and government programs, which allow customers to have a new roofing system installed with no money down. We are the only contractors that offer a lifetime warranty and have been since 1996. We are fortunate to have very skilled crews, some members having worked with us since 1996, which perform all our work: tear-off/demo, wood repairs, minor roof repairs, preparation & installation, and final cleanup.

Modern Technology

At Professional Roofing Services, we recognize that the roofing industry in southern California has changed drastically: cool roofs, energy efficient roofs, solar systems, proper ventilation, etc. These are all things we know in order to ensure your roof is installed to the highest standards.

Professional Expertise

We are big on continuing education. We attend programs and obtain certifications from major roofing manufacturers, organizations (such as the Tile Roofing Institute) and we are lead base certified. We also participate in state programs and attend meetings with organizations such as The Center for Sustainable Energy.